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Historically, bell towers kept watch over the community and were rung to send an alarm about a fire. In many towns and cities, bell towers were built on the roof of the fire station so it could be rung easily.

In the 1800’s, a new fire alarm system was developed that used telegraph equipment to send a message in Morse code. Bell towers were connected by telegraph wires that allowed a message to be sent from one bell tower to the next alerting the city of a fire. Fire telegraphic alarms represent an early attempt to automate and improve the communication process.

Today, BellTower Technologies is standing watch with state-of-the-art technology to enable communities and businesses to respond immediately with emergency notification communication services.



Our Services

Instant Recall™

Our flagship service, Instant Recall, has been shaped over decades of service to our clients and their customers, including hundreds of food distribution companies and food service operations, who service over 1 million “ship-to” locations, and who in turn serve hundreds of millions of consumers.


RedPhoneoffers comprehensive communications solutions for non-recall events, including incident communication management, mass alerts, and business surveys. RedPhone™ also offers a variety of proactive data grooming services to ensure that your contact data is complete and fresh when you need it the most.