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Human Resources

Ever-increasing regulation and compliance directives can become a burden on HR departments, employees and management, and eat away at operational effectiveness and the bottom line. With BellTower’s RedPhone solution, HR departments can streamline communications and save time, money and resources while improving documented compliance with regulatory directives.


A national grocery chain employs thousands of employees in hundreds of stores across the country. It recently received an updated Family Medical Leave Act poster that by law must be posted in all stores. Failure to display the new poster in any store by the required deadline could result in financial penalties and increased lawsuit exposure and liability.


With BellTower’s RedPhone solution, the compliance officer simply:

  • Upon receipt of materials to post: Sends posters to all stores via postal mail, or as attachments to a RedPhone email campaign to store managers, with instructions for displaying
  • One week prior to the display deadline: Launches an automated communication campaign of email, text messaging and phone calls to store managers to verify receipt and display of the posters. In the RedPhone dashboard, the compliance officer can see:
    – Who reports having received and displayed the poster
    – Who needs to have the poster re-sent
    – Who was unreachable or otherwise needs manual follow-up
  • The day of the display deadline: Launches an automated communications campaign of email, text messaging and phone calls only to stores/managers who have NOT previously confirmed that the legally required poster is on display at their location. Non-complying stores/manager contacts, if any, are exported from the dashboard for manual follow-up.

RedPhone’s world-leading audit trail provides a permanent record of all communications with each store/manager. The audit trail includes time-stamped records of each email, attachment, text message, and phone call, including answers to questions such as “Is the poster currently on display?”, with optional full audio recording of all calls.

BellTower’s multilingual capability helps ensure that all contacts are given the best opportunity to understand and comply with regulatory directives.


Alternatively, posters may be distributed along with instructions to call a RedPhone toll-free compliance hotline when the poster has been posted. Follow-up communications are made only to those stores/managers who have not called the hotline confirming display of the poster by the required deadline.


Automation of compliance communications for regulatory mandates and other HR compliance initiatives…

  • Increases documented compliance rates
  • Reduces cost and man hours required of compliance initiatives
  • Improves reporting capabilities dramatically
  • Reduces risk and liability — not only by achieving higher compliance rates, but also by providing a permanent proof-positive audit trail of compliance communications, responses and final dispositions.

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