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Case Study: Dave & Buster's

Dave & Buster’s Protects Brand, Customers With Mass Notification System


Founded in 1982, Dave & Buster’s is a premier U.S. entertainment/dining concept targeting primarily adults with 49 locations throughout the United States and in Canada.

For D&B’s, recalls in bad product cases can be food and/or non-edible items, making its recall messaging potentially more complicated than most. In the event of a product recall, D&B must be able to quickly notify a number of individuals, including 49 store managers, seven regional operations directors, and various management executives.

In the past year alone, D&B has conducted four bad product recalls, including a Class 1 emergency for spinach contaminated with salmonella.

“When you have the potential of killing someone out there with a tainted product, you have to act fast,” says Richard Lipka, D&B’s assistant vice president/purchasing.

In addition, D&B has experienced three other product recalls that, while not-life threatening, were critical to maintaining brand value and marketplace credibility. For example, one recall dealt with a toy product that was printed on recycled paper. The backside of the recycled paper was covered in pornography that was inappropriate for D&B establishments.

In order to test their product recall capabilities, D&B conducted a mock recall using emails and manual phone calls. The company found out that it could not meet its designated goal of no longer than one hour to contact and confirm that staff members and executives had received the emergency message and complied with its directives.

“We had five or six people calling out, and we could not be sure that we sent the same message every time. We knew we needed a more disciplined and much faster approach to conveying our message in an emergency,” Lipka explains.


Instant Recall from BellTower Technologies LLC. This emergency notification service has given Dave & Buster’s the ability to:

  • Make hundreds of product recall phone calls in seconds;
  • Ensure a consistent message with each call;
  • Confirm receipt of the notification in real-time, by location;
  • Immediately report the expected quarantine time, by location;
  • Prove their good efforts as needed with a detailed, permanent audit trail, and;
  • Drastically reduce the time required to notify stores of a recall, reducing cost and liability, and bolstering brand protection.

“Saving money is not our primary motive for buying Instant Recall. Our drive is to protect our investment in the Dave and Buster image. Instant Recall is a bit of an insurance policy for us,” Lipka says.

D&B also sees non-emergency uses for Instant Recall, such as sending out live messages to regional operations teams without making multiple phone calls. “The BellTower Technology folks have been very receptive to our suggestions for product enhancements and have handled the implementation extremely well,” concludes Lipka. With Instant Recall, Dave & Buster’s is ensuring that its brand stays secure and its customers’ satisfaction remains high.

About BellTower Technologies

BellTower Technologies LLC provides emergency notification services under the Instant Recall brand (for food and product recalls) and the RedPhone brand (for government and university crisis management and business continuity and disaster recovery). Developed over a five-year period, the company’s breakthrough technology gives client organizations a centralized command-and-control communications platform that enables, standardizes and simplifies best of breed emergency communications across applications and organizational boundaries. BellTower Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas and can be reached at 888-400-4786 or online at www.instantrecall.com or www.belltowertech.com.

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